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Informationen - Ausblick für das 21. Jahrhundert
England banned the display of dolphins in 1993 (closing exhibits at 55 Aquariums) and released those held captive.

Over seventy established or proposed aquariums in North America are whale and dolphin free, including the very successful Monterey Aquarium.

In 1992, South Carolina passed legislation prohibiting public display of dolphins, five other states are considering similar legislation.

In 1994, Malibu, California adapted resolutios prohibiting the capture of dolphins end recognizing dolphins as honorary citizens. Several other countries and cities (Tarpan Springs cad Lee County) in Florida and the Bahamas did the same.

During the 90's Australia, Argentinia, Brazil, England, Israel, Russia, the United States and many other European countries released captive dolphins. Most have since passed legislation limiting or eliminating their public display.

Programs aired on all major networks ABC (20/20), CBS (Sixty Minutes), and NBC (DateLine) exposed the abusive nature of the captive display industry and the ill effects it has on dolphins. Sentiments of the 90's produced shows like Free Willy 1, 2 & 3.

Nickelodeon and Discovery Channel ran shows questioning the need for and the ecucational value of having dolphins in captivity.

In the last five years Six Flags OverTexas & Astro World eliminated their dolphin displays. Sea Arama in Galveston and Ccean World in Ft. Lauderdale shut down and 16 other aquariums and parks discontinued dolphin shows.

17 aquariums and parks closed or discontinued dolphin displays in the 1990s, 13 others did the same in the 1980s and no aquariums built in the last 11 yrs. in America has included dolphins.

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