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  1. Sexual Maturity
    1. Male's dolphins reach puberty between 10 and 12 years old.
    2. Female's dolphins reach puberty between 8 and 10 years.
    3. Male's dolphins are sexually active at two months.
    4. Female's dolphins have their first born at about age 12 and another every 3 to 5 years.
    5. Male dolphins leave their mom and join a gang when they're 3 to 5 years old. These gangs, kidnap and share females.
    6. Females tend to stay with their mother all their life. They help raise each others kids, and teach them their culture.
    7. Dolphins are not monogamous, and are one of the most sexual beings on the planet.
  2. Gestation
    1. Dolphin gestation period is 11 to 12 months.
    2. A dolphin has one calf at a tins.
    3. A dolphin calf is born tail first, under water.
    4. Headfirst births are considered breech.
    5. Dolphin calves are approximately two ft long.
    6. A dolphin calf weighs approximately 20 to 35 ibs at birth.
  3. Nursing
    1. Dolphin calves nurse from nipples hidden in skin folds.
    2. Dolphins nurse for several years. The mother's milk is very rich 20% to 30% fat and 10% to 16% proteins.
    3. Female dolphins tend to nurse longer than males.
    4. Dolphin teeth appear when three to four months old, 88 on top and bottom, interlocking, for gripping live fish.
    5. Dolphins are one of the few mammals born, with their permanent teeth. Teeth show annual growth rings like a tree.
    6. Dolphins have sex for pleasure, their young are born throughout the year, most are born in spring and summer.
    7. Dolphin babies are black when born with white vertical fold lines.
    8. Dolphin babies are taught how to use their sonar and echolocate.

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