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Informationen - Kommunikation und Orientierung
  1. Sound Production
    1. Dolphins are sonic beings.
    2. Dolphins particularly at night must rely on their sound production and reception to navigate, communicate, hunt and avoid danger.
    3. Dolphins produce sound for communication and navigation.
    4. Dolphins produce their sounds by moving air in the nasal passages.
    5. Dolphins produce clicks, moans, and whistles, trills grunts and squeaks.
  2. Kommunikation
    1. Dolphin language is both verbal and non-verbal.
    2. Many details of the dolphin language are yet to be understood.
    3. Dolphin's verbal language is known to consist of over 1600 sounds, the English language has only 44 sounds.
    4. Dolphins also use body language for communication.
    5. Dolphins also receive images through echolocation and in this sense have a communal sense of communication.
  3. Orientierung
    1. Dolphins echolocate by producing and projecting clicking sounds and receiving and interpreting the resulting echoes.
    2. Dolphins can determine size, shape, direction, speed, internal structure, and the surface of objects in water by echolocation.
    3. Dolphins produce low frequency sounds for a broad interpretation of their environment and high frequency sounds for a more detailed examination of specific objects.
    4. Dolphins can increase sound in frequency until it reaches the finite limits of sound where it turns to pure heat energy.
    5. Dolphins may deliberate prey with this acoustic weapon.
    6. Dolphins can view the inside of objects like a sonogram x-ray.

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