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Der Großer Tümmler ist ein "self-aware mammal", kein Fisch. Er atmet mit Lungen, nicht mit Kiemen.


The bottlenose dolphin is a self-aware mammal, not a fish. It breathes with lungs, not gills. Their young are born alive, with hair and nurse for several years.
There are approximately 30 different types of dolphins in the group of toothed whales known as Cetacea. Twenty-five are salt water and five are fresh water. Fresh water dolphins are often born without eyes or totally blind.
The words dolphin and porpoise are often used interchangeably. However, if used correctly, porpoise refers to only six members of Cetacea. Some differences between dolphin and porpoise are: porpoise have a rounded face from their melon and have spade shaped teeth, while dolphins have a defined beak or nose from their melon and have conical or spiked teeth.

Most agreed that dolphins have intelligence comparable to humans. Dolphin's brains are 1/3 larger than that of humans and in some areas are much more developed. Research has proven dolphins possess the same fundamental ability to develop language as humans.
They are aware of self, and their environment, and demonstrate the ability of abstract thought, once thought to be only a human trait.
These are some reasons dolphins do so poorly in captivity, living less than half their normal life.

All dolphins are whales but not all whales are dolphins. The Orca or killer whale is the largest dolphin.
In nature they live well into their sixties, and seventies.
One sea park, in San Antonio, Texas, lost 5 Killer whales, known as "Shamu", after being open only ten short years, and that's just one park.
Primarily, our education concerning dolphins comes from Hollywood or some sea-park or aquarium, where they swim in endless circles changed beyond recognition as their species. As a result, most people have a very distorted perception of dolphins.
This information presents a realistic image of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin.

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