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Informationen - Militärischer Einsatz von Delfinen
  1. United States Navy
    1. Dolphins can locate mines in very shallow water and can easily determine objects hidden or sunken in mud or sand.
    2. Dolphins could also be used to mine ships or structures, plant satellite tracking or listening devices on vessels.
    3. Dolphins are used in anti-terrorist programs such as the swimmer nullification program.
    4. Dolphins are also used to guard military instillations.
    5. Much military use of dolphins remains classified.
    6. The U.S. Navy stocks some sea parks and aquariums with retiring dolphins and others in exchange for research.
  2. Konsequenzen
    1. Other countries have also trained dolphins in warfare. These trained dolphins are a threat to our national security. Since it is hard to tell a enemy dolphin from a free one, their entire population is put at risk.
  3. Sanctuaries
    1. Retired military dolphins should be given honorable discharges and returned home like other veterans.
    2. If a dolphin cannot be released, they should be placed in confined natural sanctuaries, a place a dolphin calls home.
    3. Captive born dolphins can also be placed in natural sanctuaries. Humans could still be with them. Sea perks and aquariums could still make their money and the dolphins could survive and have a doorway home.
  4. Rehabilisierung und Freilassung
    1. America has no official facility for this purpose.
    2. The fate of stranded dolphins is left up to a veterinarian, who works for a sea park. It's the fox, guarding the hen house.

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